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Who is Bajoia?2018-06-18T14:00:20+02:00

Bajoia is a young online jeweler.

What do you mean by “all our models are customizable”?2018-06-18T13:52:00+02:00

All our models are available by clicking HERE . Via the selector in the left part, you can refine your search by selecting the type of jewel, color, metal or stone.

Where do you make my jewel?2018-06-17T20:06:14+02:00

Our jewelry is exclusively made in our Parisian workshop.

Our jewels are stamped with the hallmark of our workshop, which certifies that we have made your jewel and that our quality charter is respected.

Do you have a shop?2018-06-17T19:57:32+02:00

We opened a shop in the Paris region to allow you to discover our creations. We welcome you at 26 rue de Percy 92140 Clamart only by appointment.

You can admire our jewels, try models by appointment and meet the designer of the brand. If you wish to make an appointment or to know more, do not hesitate to call our customer service on +33 6 45 77 13 38 or via the form .

Do you make coupons?2018-06-17T19:54:57+02:00

Yes. On some occasions Bajoia offers discount coupons on the purchase of jewelry on our website. We inform our subscribers of this attention by a newsletter that is sent directly to you by e-mail.

Can I get a custom made piece?2018-06-17T19:51:35+02:00

Bajoia accepts custom manufacturing requests that are not based on one of our existing models.

If you would like to request a quote from our workshops, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at +33 6 45 77 13 38 or via form. Our customer service will forward your request to our workshop and will tell you if we are able to shape your jewel and at what budget. Please note that requests for quotations are offered and do not commit to order your jewel at Bajoia.

Will my silver jewel tarnish?2018-06-17T19:48:17+02:00

Yes. Unfortunately after a while, any silver coin tarnishes. We apply a thin layer of rhodium (we talk about rhodium silver) on our silver so that it resists better time (only the jewelery range). Nevertheless, eventually, it will still have a patina that is unique to any silver jewel.

The time that this patina will set depends on many factors: the chemical reaction of silver with your skin or the humidity in the air, for example.

Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain your silver gemstone . To learn all about the maintenance of metals, and jewelry in general, read the advice of our jewelery specialists, who will give you all the tips and tricks to wear your stones throughout your life!

What if I do not know my finger size?2018-06-17T19:45:59+02:00

If you do not know your finger size, you have several options:

1 – Fill in your details on our form and we will send you a paper baguier.

To apply for a baguier, click here.

2 – You want to offer a ring but keep the surprise? Bajoia thought of everything! We can send you a paper bag or give you other tips to discreetly know the finger size of your friend.

Can I repair or resize a jewel I did not buy at Bajoia?2018-06-17T19:44:06+02:00

This is not possible. To ensure the quality of the products coming out of our workshops, we do not rework jewel whose origin we do not know and whose stones were not selected by Bajoia.

Why can prices vary?2018-06-17T19:42:24+02:00

At Bajoia, we try as much as possible to guarantee the fair and lowest prices possible while respecting our quality requirements “à la française”. This is why our prices are directly calculated according to the variations of the gold and precious stones market. For example, if the price of sapphire goes down, our sapphire jewelry will have its prices going down as well; but if the price of gold rises, our gold models will have higher prices depending on the change in the gold price.

Rest assured, however, when your order is validated, the price of your jewel no longer varies! However, if you have only put your jewel in the basket, it may be that the price drops or increases so do not be surprised at a price change on your jewel.

How much is shipping ?2018-06-17T19:40:55+02:00

You will find all the information on deliveries HERE .

We are happy to offer you the delivery in France (DOM TOM included) and in the European Union via the followed letter. For the jewels of greater value, Bajoia recommends you to use the delivery Colissimo whose value is ensured by the Provider.

How much does it cost to ship outside France?2018-06-17T19:37:18+02:00

You will find all indications relating to deliveries HERE.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to inquire about the customs or VAT charges inherent to each order because they vary greatly depending on the products and countries. However, to make it easier for you to send your jewelery wherever you want, our team of advisors will be happy to answer all your questions and tell you the price and the procedure for your international delivery. Contact us via the form or by phone +33 6 45 77 13 38.

I would like to return a gift that was made to me. What should I do ?2018-06-17T19:32:33+02:00

If you have received a gift Bajoia jewel and that it does not please you (it can happen), contact our customer service via the form and we will offer an exchange. Just make sure it’s done within 30 days of receiving the jewel by the buyer, that the jewel is in perfect condition.

How long do I have to wait to get a refund?2018-06-17T19:31:29+02:00

After receiving your package, we check the condition of your jewel and you recredit within 30 days maximum.

Can I pick up my Bajoia jewel in the shop once it’s ready to be delivered?2018-06-17T19:30:15+02:00

The withdrawal of your order is possible exclusively in our shop in the Paris region located at 26 rue de Percy 92140 Clamart – France. You can request it at the time of placing an order during the “Address and delivery method” step by selecting the “Withdraw from our shop” option.

What is the quality of your stones?2018-06-17T19:29:05+02:00

Bajoia offers only stones of excellent quality, well cut and shiny. We take special care in search of stones and try to choose them with as few inclusions as possible.

Are your stones natural?2018-06-17T19:27:25+02:00

Bajoia uses only natural stones except turquoise which is a reconstituted turquoise. With each delivery of stones, we check each one of them individually and only retain stones of excellent quality.

What if my Bajoia jewel needs to be repaired?2018-06-17T19:26:04+02:00

We do our utmost to guarantee you a quality that will ensure you keep your jewel as long as possible. If you have a problem with your jewel, contact our customer service at +33 6 45 77 13 38. Here is in detail the procedure to follow:

What payment methods do you accept?2018-06-17T19:12:22+02:00

We accept payments by credit card, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, bank transfer and check.

Bajoia does not accept payment in cash and money order.

Our credit card payment system is provided by Stripe, and secured to SSL standards, the most secure encryption protocol currently used in France. Your bank details are thus directly encrypted and routed to the bank without going through our site. So, you have no fear to have. Bajoia does not store any banking information about you.

How to use Paypal?2018-06-17T19:10:41+02:00

Paypal is a free, fast, easy and secure payment solution. You no longer need to enter your card number or address. You no longer communicate your financial information to merchants: they are stored only at Paypal which ensures the perfect security of your transaction. For more information visit the Paypal website: http://www.paypal.com.

How to make a bank transfer?2018-06-17T19:09:11+02:00

Choose the option of payment by bank transfer. After your order online, you will need to make the bank transfer with the information that will be indicated. Your order will be launched when your bank transfer has been made. We will then inform you of the progress of your order.

How to pay by check?2018-06-17T19:05:49+02:00

Choose the option of payment by check. After your order online, simply send us a check by mail to Bajoia, 26 rue de Percy, 92140 Clamart – France. Your order will be launched when your check has been cashed. Upon receipt of the check, we will inform you of the progress of your order.