History of Bajoia

Histoire de Bajoia - Le créateur



Little, I loved collecting museum medals, they fascinated me as much as the pebbles and stones I picked up on the beach and I imagined shining brightly.

I liked to accumulate all the colors and all the forms. I did not know that all this would be part of my world.

It was during adolescence and at the time of professional choices that jeweler’s jeweler’s craft seemed to me to be obvious.

After training at BJOP School in Paris and motivated by my passion for jewelry, I decided to create my company and my brand.


Bajoia, the dream jewel

A brand that I want at the same time timeless and contemporary, both classic and contemporary, mixing the ancestral techniques of jewelry with innovative techniques of 3D.

It is in this state of mind that I propose to you collections of silver, gold or gold-plated jewelery sometimes refined, sometimes baroque, always in a concern to harmonize colors, themes and materials.

Gourmandise, Indiscrete, Saint Petersburg … names of collections that invite to discovery and travel. The youth of my brand is above all a guarantee of the freshness of my creations and my passion for this profession.

Histoire de Bajoia - Notre univers


Bajoia, the dream jewel

My jewels are all imagined, designed and made in my studio in the Paris region.

Artisan meticulous, I give the brand Bajoia the guarantees of a very high quality.

By the choice of materials that I assemble in the French craft tradition, by the quality of the stones that I propose to you, by the tried and tested techniques that I use and by a permanent quality control. My jewelry is designed to bring you the best guarantees of longevity.

Rings, bracelets, pendants … come to life only for one purpose, to create the jewel of your dreams.