How to maintain and clean my jewelry

To keep your jewelry glowing for many years you must maintain it. Whether in silver, rhodium silver, gold or vermeil, adorned with precious stones or gemstones, jewels tend to tarnish over time. This is not a sign of poor quality but simply daily wear.

To ensure a long life of your jewelry, it is imperative to remove before touching household products or cosmetics because they tend to tarnish the shine of metal and stones. Other factors such as sweat or dust are also responsible for tarnishing.

This is why regular maintenance of your jewelry is necessary so that they keep their shiny appearance over time. Discover in this section simple and quick tips to make at home for the maintenance of your jewelry in gold, silver and vermeil, the maintenance of gemstones and precious stones such as sapphire.

Good reflexes

Know first of all that it is normal that a jewel worn daily shows signs of wear (regardless of its composition), because it lives to the rhythm of our lives! The only way to keep a jewel in perfect condition as leaving our workshop would be not to wear it, and admit that it would be a shame. Beyond the small scratches of everyday life that bring an authentic touch to your jewels, the more you will maintain them, the better they will age.
Avoid household products, chemicals, cosmetics by removing his jewel to wash his hands, do the dishes, garden, do the housework, take a shower. Remove his jewel to sleep. Indeed, one can sometimes have in the sleep of the violent movements without realizing it – to bump, to strike a wall – and it would be really a pity to ruin your jewel in this way. Do not swim at the pool or the sea with its jewel. Avoid wearing jewelry when moving heavy objects or playing a sport.
Store your jewelry in the evening in pockets. When traveling, remember to take a jewel case so that they do not scratch during transport

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Maintain his gold jewelry

It’s easy to maintain your gold jewelry!

Start by simply soaking for a few hours in a bowl of hot, soapy water (preferably Marseille soap or washing-up liquid). Once out of the water, use a soft toothbrush and gently brush the outside and inside of the ring or other gold jewelery. Rinse your jewel thoroughly with warm water and wrap it in a soft cloth to dry it well.

You can also put some toothpaste on a damp toothbrush and gently rub the jewel with it to make it shine. Finish cleaning by polishing your jewel with a soft cloth. Another tip is to soak your gold jewelry a few minutes in warm water in which you have diluted a little baking soda. Again, always finish cleaning your gold jewel by polishing it with a soft cloth.

We deliver your gold jewelry with a suede case to allow you to slip them individually as soon as you do not wear them and thus preserve them.

Jewelery maintenance and repair by us
Gold is a soft metal. If the scratches on your jewel are too important, you can entrust it to us. We will polish the jewel to give it a second life. Finally, if your jewel is damaged by a shock, you can send it back to us for a makeover.

Maintain his silver jewelery

Silver is a metal that tarnishes with time: it’s inevitable especially with silver used in jewelry (925 or 950 thousandths). It is impossible to predict the time that a silver jewel will tarnish because it depends on many elements, including the acidity of the skin of the person who wears it. At Bajoia, all the silver jewels of our jewelery collections are rhodium plated: a thin layer of white rhodium is applied which accentuates the brightness of the metal and slightly slows the oxidation. However, nothing can prevent this natural phenomenon!

To clean your silver jewel tarnished by daily use, there are very effective recipes. Be sure to dry the silver jewelery with a chamois or microfiber cloth after cleaning it because the silver is very sensitive to moisture. As with gold, toothpaste is a proven tip: put some toothpaste on a toothbrush moistened with warm water and rub gently before polishing with a soft cloth or microfiber.

There are ready-to-use products that are sold commercially for the maintenance of your silver jewelry. They are used in the same way: apply them with a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush then polish with a microfiber. To keep your jewelry as long as possible, we offer you a pocket to store them. Remember to store them individually! Finally, if you want a jewel that you can keep all your life without having to maintain it regularly and frequently, we invite you to choose gold because the money is not for you.

Maintain her mother-of-pearl jewelery

Nacres are different ranges of precious and fine stones. They are fragile and can be scratched when put in contact with other metals or stones. Their brightness can be altered by products that you use daily such as perfume, hairspray or even sweat and some secretions of the skin. Here are some tips to clean your pearl jewelry yourself with softer treatments than jewelry set with stones.

A simple habit to take for mother-of-pearl jewelry is to put a cotton or a silk cloth on the mother-of-pearl after having worn it and before putting it away. To clean the mother of pearl you can also use a damp cloth and let your mother of pearl dry in the open air. It is also better to put them in their box or at least to separate them in your jewelry box.

Maintain stones

Clean your stones
A cleaning every 2 months is recommended. On a daily basis, dust and dirt accumulate behind a stone and prevent the light from passing. This makes your jewel look duller and less brilliant. Fortunately, you only need to clean your stones about every 2 months to get them all back.
How to do ?
For this, use warm soapy water and a small soft toothbrush as found in pharmacies. Thanks to this one, you will be able to reach the smallest corners of your jewel with delicacy and to eliminate all traces of dust, to give back to your stones their natural brightness.

Maintain his jewel in gold plated silver

The jewel consists of silver coated with gold by a galvanoplastic treatment. Gold plated silver must be carefully maintained as gold plating wears over time. The jewels must be stored in an individual pouch to avoid friction that can alter the gold layer. So that your jewel has a long life, Preserve sports activities of any kind and avoid contact with chemicals, cosmetics and water.Finally, as for all your jewelry avoid falls or other violent shock.

With time, the layer of gold deposited on your jewel can come to fade, in particular on those exposed to incessant friction (rings, bracelets). You can clean your gold plated silver jewelry with a small sponge soaked in soapy water and rinse and dry it afterwards. It is not recommended to clean your jewelry too often.

Repair your jewelry

At Bajoia, we are proud of our know-how and we wish you to wear your jewel with joy as long as possible. We are therefore delighted to do our utmost to repair your jewel if it were to happen to him - even if it is your responsibility since it is not a manufacturing defect. Be careful though: we are unfortunately not magicians, and any incident is not necessarily repairable! We invite you to take the greatest care of your jewelry because we would be sorry not to be able to offer a solution if the technical constraints do not allow.